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Types of USDA Loans, Uses and Requirements

Flaney Capital believes in supporting rural businesses and communities by helping them access USDA business loan programs. As an expert in USDA funding, our business lender network gives borrowers access to the top lenders in the USDA loan program.In this USDA loan guide, we will cover what are USDA loans, the different types of USDA loans, the ones that make sense for lenders and borrowers, where to apply for USDA loans, and give sound advice on the USDA loan program that will help borrowers with the process more effectively.

by | Nov 17, 2023

What are USDA Loans

USDA loans are designed to assist rural businesses with various financing needs. These businesses can cover multiple interests, including agricultural operations, small businesses, community facilities, etc. USDA loans provide affordable capital to establish and expand businesses, purchase inventory and equipment, and upgrade physical facilities. They offer lower interest rates than standard loans and more flexible repayment options.

Types of USDA Loans


Farm with high-tech machinery, funded by USDA loans.

USDA Business and Industry (B&I) financing is funded by Federal loan guarantees administered through the Rural Business and Cooperative Program, a part of the USDA Rural Development program. An articulation of the USDA rural development program explains that loans meet the credit needs of creditworthy borrowers and stimulate growth in rural business development and employment opportunities in rural areas. 

Lenders originate loans on Main Street, and USDA guarantees provide strong reassurance to these lenders about the borrower’s creditworthiness and the loan’s overall security. The USDA rural development program includes support for many purposes, from capital expansion and machinery and equipment purchases to debt refinancing or working capital.

Uses of USDA B&I Loans

USDA B&I loans can be used for working capital or capital expenditures. Borrowers can use these programs to expand their business or move into new industries.  Some of the ways that borrowers can use B&I programs to improve their business include:

  • Expanding business operations

  • Purchasing equipment

  • Financing real estate development

  • Refinancing existing debt

Requirements for USDA B&I Loans

Eligible borrowers must be for-profit or non-profit entities, demonstrate creditworthiness, and meet citizenship/residency requirements. Projects must be located in a qualified rural area with a population under 50,000.

While qualifying for the program can be challenging, Flaney Capital is here to assist. We make ourselves available to borrowers and work through the details, ensuring they meet qualifications and can access funding from USDA B&I loans to execute their expansion plans.

Before taking a USDA B&I loan, it is essential for potential borrowers to carefully assess their business goals and needs. Conducting a comprehensive financial analysis and then formulating a clear funding utilization plan would be crucial to ensure the loan is used optimally. Furthermore, the borrowers should pay special attention to their financial management skills which is an important factor for the sustainable success.

USDA Rural Energy for American Program (REAP) Loans

These types of USDA loans are key in driving renewable energy projects and energy conservation efforts in rural areas. These loans help farmers to set up renewable energy systems and rural small businesses to modernize their existing facilities. From solar and wind energy to energy-efficient equipment installation, REAP loans provide eco-friendly options that benefit industry and the environment.


REAP loans can be invested in renewable energy implementations and upgrades that help energy efficiency. Whether you need new solar panels, new HVAC systems, or improved energy efficiency across your organization, REAP loans offer the financial backing you need to meet your sustainability goals.

Flaney Capital is devoted to the prosperity of companies that choose green business management. It focuses on access to and operationalization of USDA REAP loans.

USDA REAP Loan Requirements

: Solar farm with a sign about USDA solar energy loan financing.

In addition, the borrowers wanting to obtain the USDA REAP loans should be involved in agricultural production or rural business and should adhere to the Small Business Administration size standards. Additionally, projects must be placed in cities with under 50,000 residents and borrowers must not have any federal tax debt, judgments, or debarments.

If you need hep with qualifying for this loan, Flaney Capital is ready to guide you through the process and to provide you with the necessary financial support needed for sustainable endeavors.

For borrowers applying for USDA REAP loans, the first step to ensuring success is to identify projects that not only adhere strictly to the USDA/REAP standards.

You also need to align with the business’s sustainability and long-term business objectives. Engaging in an energy audit and taking stock of the organization’s energy performance and requirement areas for improvement can be particularly helpful.

Us a strategic financing partner, we not only help qualified borrowers obtain REAP loans but also provide the guidance and support they need to leverage such loans in implementing sustainable energy solutions that contribute to the growth of their businesses.

Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program

Contemporary healthcare center with a sign about USDA loan support.

Another key USDA loan program for rural development is the Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program, which provides money for essential community facilities. These loans help finance the development and modernization of infrastructure used by rural communities including but not limited to the following:

  • Burn and surgical centers.

  • Educational facilities.

  • Airports and bus facilities.

The program guarantees loans to public bodies, Indian tribes and certain non-profit organizations on the basis that rural communities would otherwise not have access to the facilities and services they need.

Uses of Community Facilities Guaranteed Loans

Eligible facilities for financing include: 

  • Health-care facilities

  • Educational facilities

  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics program infrastructure

  • Child and adult care facilities

  • Transportation facilities

Through these USDA loans, rural communities gain a boost in quality of life and the ability to grow their economy in today’s competitive world. The team at Flaney is committed to working with communities to identify funding strategies that will support growth and development initiatives made possible through Community Facilities Guaranteed loans.

Community Facilities Guaranteed USDA Loans Requirements

Boss hiring employess

Community Facilities Guaranteed loans require that eligible borrowers either be a public body, an Indian tribe, or a non-profit organization and that the project be located in a rural area of the US defined as having 50,000 or fewer people.

Borrowers must jump through a number of hoops to obtain approval from the RD program and meet statutory eligibility requirements, as well as simple best-practice guidelines – such as submitting a feasibility study or master plan and engaging in audits for every dollar of investment. 

At Flaney Capital we work with communities to ensure that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ crossed to ensure they meet all program requirements and have access to investment.

It is vital for borrowers to actively engage stakeholders and community members in the planning process to ascertain if the projects meet their needs and priorities. Collaboration with government agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders will facilitate smoother loan application and project implementation and ensure the project’s social support.

Water & Waste Treatment Loan USDA Loan

A clean water supply and proper waste disposal systems is a precondition for a healthy and balanced living in rural communities. The USDA Water & Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees are an important source of funding for construction and improvement projects in water and waste systems, which include:

  • Drinking water facilities

  •  Sanitary sewers

  •  Solid waste disposal facilities

Through providing loan guarantees to governmental entities, tribal governments and nonprofits, the program guarantees that water and wastewater services in rural areas are safe and reliable.

Uses of Water & Waste Disposal Loans

From investing in upgrades to aging infrastructure to improvements in water treatment facilities, Water & Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees help finance essential projects that support community health and environmental sustainability. Talk to us to explore how water & waste disposal loans can dial up efficiency and social benefit in your community.

Requirements for Water & Waste Disposal Loan

farm with tractors

To satisfy the Water and Waste Disposal Loan Guarantees’ eligibility criteria, borrowers must be public bodies, Indian tribes, or non-profit organizations. Also, projects must be situated in rural areas with a population of 50,000 people or less.

We, as Flaney Capital are here to instruct and guide you through the loan application process. By working closely with the different communities, we are committed to helping them meet all requirements and gain access to the financial resources needed to solve their water and waste infrastructure issues.

Talk with USDA loans professionals like Flaney Capital to navigate the application process. Also, prioritize investments in vital water and waste infrastructure that will serve community and long-term sustainability goals. You should also clearly demonstrate how you’ll use loan capital to fund the construction, expansion, or renovation of drinking water systems, sanitary sewage, or solid waste disposal facilities in rural areas.


USDA loans provide significant support to businesses and communities across rural America regarding funding for growth, sustainability, and improvement, making dreams about buying or upgrading a location a reality. From the B&I loan program, REAP grants and incentives, to Community Facilities and Water and Waste Disposal Guarantees, the USDA offers programs to help borrowers achieve their goals while supporting those in rural areas. 

At Flaney Capital, we work with businesses across the country that are looking for the right lender to help them obtain a USDA loan to grow, improve, or purchase land or business property. Call us at 1-888-822-0844 today.

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of programs does the USDA offer?

The USDA offers a variety of programs, including Rural Development Programs, Community Facilities Programs, and Farmers Market Promotion Programs, among others. These support rural communities, beginning farmers and ranchers, and enhance community infrastructure.

Does the USDA provide financial assistance?

The USDA provides financial assistance through loans and grants through its Rural Development Assistance program. This includes disaster aid for those affected by natural disasters.

How does the USDA contribute to job creation?

The USDA contributes to job creation through various initiatives to stimulate economic growth in rural areas. This includes funding projects that create or save jobs.

What is the Farmers Market Promotion Program?

The Farmers Market Promotion Program is a USDA initiative to support beginning farmers and ranchers by providing them access to new market opportunities.

How does the Community Facilities Program enhance community infrastructure?

The Community Facilities Program provides direct loans or grant funds for developing essential community facilities in rural areas, which enhances local infrastructure.