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SBA 504 Loan Calculator

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SBA 504 Loan Calculator

Use this simple tool to explore SBA 504 financing options. Refer to the rest of our website to learn more about the SBA 504 program, eligibility, and the SBA 504 loan structure. (The results of this tool are for discussion purposes only.)

Loan Information Entry


First Lender 50%: $31,250.00

SBA 504 Loan 40%: $25,000.00

Equity Injection 10%: $6,250.00

Total Project Cost: $62,500.00

Blended Rate: 5.471%

First Lender Monthly Payment: $173.70

SBA 504 Monthly Payment: $205.27

Total Monthly Payment: $378.97

First Lender Annual Payment: $2,084.40

SBA 504 Annual Payment: $2,463.24

Total Annual Payment: $4,547.64