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Thank you for visiting the Flaney Capital website! As dedicated USDA, SBA, and traditional lending consultants, we constantly search the web to find the best programs for our clients. Not all lenders are alike, and many have distinct differences, even within USDA and SBA loans. At Flaney Capital, we explore every option to secure the best loan terms and rates for you.

We assist with the following:

  • Customizing loan solutions to meet your specific business needs
  • Providing expert guidance throughout the entire loan application process
  • Offering insights on the latest lending trends and opportunities

Our commitment to excellence and personalized approach ensures that your success is our top priority. Contact us today at 1-888-822-0844 and take the first step toward securing your best loan!

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Flaney Capital USDA and SBA Consultants

  • Our equipment financing services are tailored to ensure businesses have the necessary tools to thrive and grow.
  • With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes, we guide our clients every step of the way to secure the optimal financial solutions for their endeavors.

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We Help You Figure Out Your best Loan Options

Here at Flaney Capital, we partner with you to help you grow your business!  With our AI systems background, and top tier lending agencies, we can help you find the answers you need to qualify for an SBA, USDA and even traditional financing.  We do the legwork so you don’t have to. Whether it’s for Hotel and Hotelier financing, Winery and Vineyard investments, Forestry loans, Biorefinery funding, RV and Campground financing, Laundromat loans, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Borrowers of All Sizes

We serve new startups, new construction business acquisition, and business expansion.

At Flaney Capital, we cater to commercial borrowers of all sizes, from startups to established entities.In the diverse economic landscape of the United States, the lifeline for growth and innovation often comes in the form of SBA and USDA loans. From the tech hubs of California to the agricultural expanses of Texas, and from the bustling metropolises of New York to the trade gateways of Florida and the growing cities of Arizona, these loans stimulate progress. Flaney Capital positions itself as an essential resource, navigating these federal programs to propel businesses and agriculture, providing tailored financial strategies that empower enterprises to flourish within these dynamic states.

Pharma Manufacturing Government Loans
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Learn about Business  & Industry Financing 101 today.

Many business owners we assist are often taken aback to learn that the USDA’s scope extends beyond just agriculture. In reality, the USDA Business & Industry loan program is entirely unrelated to agricultural pursuits.

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Experience a Simple and Swift Financing Process. Get Approved Today!

At Flaney Capital, your satisfaction remains at the forefront of our mission. With years of expertise in financing, we guarantee an unparalleled customer journey. Our commitment is to streamline the process, ensuring you secure the best financing deal swiftly.

Recognizing the significance of informed financing choices, especially in an era of rapidly changing equipment needs and shifting regulations, we stand ready to bolster your company’s growth and enduring success.

Sectors we are focusing on: “How to buy a Hotel” and various other USDA lending topics.

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