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AB testing

We work intimately with our clients to understand each of their requirements, pain points, products, services, and business goals.


A vast majority of the consumer population today believes that brands listen to their customers more than they did a decade ago. They think this because a good 57% of the population say that a lion share of the market revenue has become more competitive. A solid 27% states that the current economic climate affects their business’ performance. 16% say that by heeding to customer requests also increases the effect customer loyalty. Here at Flaney, we do marketing research not just because everyone’s doing it.

MARKETING RESEARCH: We do our homework very well.


Say Goodbye to Technical Bottlenecks and Hello to Actionable Data

Using industry experiences, best practices, proven techniques, and creative ideas, we develop comprehensive strategies that will drive new business, generate ROI, and enhance brand visibility across the Web.


Key factors to consider:
  • Usability

    SMMS users place a high emphasis on usability/user interface

  • Mobility

    A desire to access SMMS products via mobile devices

  • Integration

    Capabilities to tie other systems including CRM and analytics

  • Acquisition Risk/Impact

    Acquisition by large platform vendors may slow feature development

  • Enterprise Scalability

    Many larger organizations require enterprise functionality like team workflow.